+ Added spectrum visualizer base
	+ Added smoothing system
	+ Added some actual readme content for people wishing to contribute
	= Updated custom DSP to allow for more granular control
	= Finished FMOD version update
	= Fixed v0.3.0 and v0.3.0a memory and thread instabilities
	= Updated types to be more c++ standard friendly
	= Updated build system
	= Tweaked icons and shared resources
	= Updated post-build scripts and process
	- Removed and further ignore more generated files in repo

v0.3.0a (alpha, unstable)
	+ Added support for stereo visualization
	+ Added proper linux compilation support
	= Moved to modern FMOD (1.10.13) instead of FMODex
	= Refactored data extraction to be as a DSP
	= Fixed licensing and readme for windows installer
	- remoted (temporarily) 'pineapple' visualizer
	- remoted (temporarily) 'spotted' visualizer
	- remoted (temporarily) 'wisp' visualizer
	- remoted (temporarily) 'default' visualizer
	- remoted (temporarily) 'particles' visualizer
	- removed (temporarily) 'oscillate' visualizer

	+ Added 'pineapple' visualizer with dt normalization
	+ Added ability to open files in existing player window
	+ Added ability to consecutively open files without window stealing focus
	= Clarified Licenses
	= Fixed playlist creation bug where playlist could be improperly sized
	= Updated application build system
	= Fixed Linux source compilation issues

	+ Added 'spotted' visualizer
	+ Added first-pass localization support
	+ Added resizing support for several visualizers
	+ Added debug field for current visualizer
	= Changed song backwards and forwards navigation
	= Standardized formatting across files
	= Remade 'default' visualizer inspired more by early passes of classic
	= Visualizer system refactor
	= Updated console input handler
	= Fixed bug with keyboard input for modifier keys
	= Fixed x86_64 compilation issues
	= Fixed build system improperly selecting windows SDK
	- Removed an unused menu option or two

	+ Added dt normalization of spectrum visualizer
	+ Added particle systems
	+ Added particles visualizer
	= Updated config fields
	= Refactored core layout
	= Refactored document naming schemes
	= Condensed static initialization system
	= Cleaned up menu functionality
	= Improved visualizer stability of default, spectrum, and waveform
	- Removed old defaults file

	+ Added drag-in to add to playlist
	+ Added Stub Menus
	+ Added Spectrum Visualzer
	+ Added lobby screen
	= Separated concept of an overlay from the visualizer
	= Fixed crash bug with string resizing on window
	- Removed lingering off-by-one bug for playlists

	+ Added wisp visualizer
	+ Added debug information
	+ Added volume adjustments
	+ Added resource system
	= Corrected display bugs
	- Removed FMOD logging debris

	+ Implemented concept of a Lobby
	+ Implemented concept of a DJ
	+ Implemented concept of a Playlist
	+ Implemented concept of a Song (w/ FMOD)
	+ Added Build System
	+ Added simple playback
	+ Added waveform visualizer

	+ Prototype hacked together!